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Welcome to Voyage Collective - a website dedicated to travel guides that highlight hidden gems, off-the-beaten track adventures, delicious eateries and cool venues to enjoy a drink at all over the world. A collection of voyages all compiled in one space by a few writers and photographers. We hope that these guides, photos and stories inspire you to explore as much as we do!


BILLIE NORMAN (Founder / Writer / Photographer)

After a couple of winter seasons in Banff and Whistler, three years studying at Loughborough University and a coffee-fuelled eight months in Melbourne, I decided it's time to adult. Having just moved to Vancouver, you'll find me eating and drinking myself around the city while also trying to get as much snowboarding and hiking in.


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FI MCCRINDLE (Co-Founder / Writer / Photographer)

Music, food, photography and travel are some of my favourite things. I recently moved to London and plan to work my way through as many eateries and festivals as I can afford. With any leftover pennies I'll be checking out some new spots, with Berlin and Tokyo on my to-do list.

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SAM HOBLEY (Photographer)

I got into photography a couple of years ago after doing a road trip through the US. I went to so many incredible places and felt I really wasn't doing them justice with the photos I was getting on my little camera phone. After the road trip I was heading to Central America and so a few hours before my flight I quickly ran out and bought a DSLR and haven't looked back.

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SHELBY MCGILL (Photographer)

I spend my time jumping on and off planes, from one adventure to the next. Armed with my camera I’m always up for an adventure.  Originally from Canada I am Currently studying Photography in London England.  You can usually catch me spending my spare time on a budget airline to as many places in Europe as possible. I live by the motto of “just do whatever the heck you want”, leading me to some amazing people and places.

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ABI TUDOR (Writer / Photographer)

I'm a big believer in grabbing every opportunity you can and it has led me to some pretty cool places. In the last three years I have lived and worked in New York, Zambia and Jaipur, India (where I'm currently based). Street photography was a recent discovery for me - my housemate dragged me out at 4am one morning to shoot the city as it came alive and I've been hooked ever since. After getting my hands on a little Fujifilm, I am now set to try and capture one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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RANDAL SMITH (Photographer)

Being a keen surfer and general adventure enthusiast, I have always had an interest in photography and the images that come with the various lifestyles. Over the last year and a half some skateboarding injuries have allowed me to invest more time into my creative pursuits ...nowadays I can't imagine going anywhere without my camera!

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RORY ARMSTRONG (Photographer)

Having a father who made his livelihood through photography, cameras have always been around. I always had a camera around my neck through my younger teen years but it all became very serious to me once I graduated high school and began a BA in Photography. This is also around the time I discovered the magical beauty that is film photography, which then became my major focus. I am currently living the ski bum lifestyle in Banff, Alberta so lets just say I have 30 rolls of exposed film I can’t afford to develop. Keep Exploring! 

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OLIVIA GRACE (Writer / Photographer)

There is so much world and not enough time, but I'm doing my best to see and do and then eat and drink as much as possible. Born and bred in London, you'll find me trying to keep up with the flood of new places in the capital, as well as cramming in as many overseas adventures as I can.

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