Market Roundup Pt 1


Broadway Market is a great little venture if you are ever wandering around East London and have a few extra hours to spare. Its farmers market boasts a wide range of stalls for all you food-lovers (like us) including artisan cheese and bread, olives, fresh bakes, gelato and organic meat, fruit and veg.

The Heavenly Halloumi burger from The Veggie Table is a must - whether you're vegetarian or not. The combination of halloumi cheese with organic carrots, courgettes, mint and coriander will make you think twice about having a meat burger ever again (this coming from two seasoned carnivores!).

If you get thirsty, there is a vast array of quirky pubs to choose from. However, we decided to opt for the frozen cocktails (strawberry daiquiri or mojito) that were being passed through a hole in the wall by The Souls Bar. £5 per cup may seem a bit steep, but these drinks definitely have a kick to them as we found out after only one, and are made with truly fresh ingredients, aside from being delicious and refreshing  – much needed after escaping the throngs and the summer sun.

Broadway market also has a large selection of thrifty clothes stalls where you can find printed shirts galore and a denim jacket or fifty. The market has it all – you can find the most obscure purchases such as origami necklaces.

To get to Broadway Market is an easy 15 minutes stroll from Bethnal Green underground station (on the Central Line). At the station, take the exit to the right, which will lead you onto Cambridge Heath Road. Turning right, follow this road for about 10 minutes until you reach Regent’s Canal then turn left onto Andrews Road. From here, you can walk along the canal pathway - where bookshops and thrift shops appear out of and atop of canal boats. After a few minutes, you will come across some steps before a bridge. Climb these and Broadway Market will be right in front of you.