Van Life

Back when I used to peruse Instagram religiously, Foster Huntington's was a profile I visited regularly. Serene lake shots, stunning sunsets, breathtaking mountain views and luscious greenery combined with a rustic van is enough to inspire anyone and everyone to drop everything and go on a road trip. Hopefully it'll encourage even the slightest hint of a travelling bug to evolve into full-blown wanderlust, with the promise of open roads and barren plains.

In the summer of 2011, Foster Huntington (possibly the coolest-named guy ever) traded in his big city New York design job for a lifestyle of camper-vans, travel and freedom. Since then, Foster has driven thousands of miles in his VW Camper across North America in search of beautiful camping spots and waves to surf. Whilst on the road, Foster started documenting other campervan-dwellers and their stories - driven by his admiration and respect for people who were living their lives not according to what was expected of them, but according to their own criteria of happiness. This was truly personal, whether chasing passions of powder or satisfying longings for perfect waves, the most desolated horizons or secluded beaches. Thus, 'Home Is Where You Park It' was born: a 125-paged photo book full of bespoke campers and van-life moments more authentic than any Kodak one. 

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