Artisan scotch eggs in the heart of London… eggcellent! (had to be done)

Founded by university friends, Oliver Hiam & Dominic Hamdy, Scotchtails was born out of the boys' pure love for scotch eggs and an egg-shaped hole in the London food market. After hard work and experimentation, they managed to perfect and craft delicious homemade scotch eggs.  With trading beginning at Berwick Street Market, Scotchtails' potential was quickly recognised and soon after the eggs had a more permanent home at the well-reknowned London food mecca that is Borough Market. Their choice of the deeply rich and vibrantly yellow yolk eggs from Clarence Court Burford Browns, sourced locally just down the road in Hackney, and use of fresh free range meat illustrates how Scotchtails will settle for nothing other than the best. Each scotch egg is cooked with precision so as to maintain a perfectly crusty breadcrumb shell leading to a juicy blanket of pork before reaching a warm and gooey yolk in the middle. 

Scotchtails' main attraction are traditional pork scotch eggs, but that hasn't stopped the boys from getting creative. Also on offer are more unconventional scotch eggs including squid and chorizo, mature cheddar and smoked bacon, and black pudding. Vegetarian options are a aplenty too, some of which include beetroot & lentil, tomato & basil and sweet potato falafel. A selection of these can be found at Selfridges London Food Hall and are also available for wholesale.

Scotchtails trade at Borough Market every week Monday - Wednesday and on specific weeks Thursday - Saturday (detailed on their website). Here, they serve up their traditional pork scotch eggs (or the special of the day) on a wholesome bed of rocket with the option to add sweet potato fries (which you won't be able to resist!) in a quaint branded cardboard box. Perfect if you want to eat it there and then or share the scotch egg love somewhere else! Homemade condiments are on hand to accompany these delicious scotch eggs ranging from caramelised red onion marmalade, piccalilli, apple & pear chutney, or spiced plum & apple chutney. available to buy by the jar. 

I may be a little addicted to these things seeing as I've visited their stall four times in my short two week stay at home, but that's the sign of a good egg!

Scotchtails, Borough Market, London SE1 1TL