Code Black Coffee

Roastery and cafe in the heart of Brunswick.

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Australia, more specifically Melbourne, is way ahead of the game here but I don’t think anybody believes it until they visit for themselves – I certainly didn’t! On every corner of every street (and every little nook and cranny in between), you can be sure to satisfy your caffeine addiction at least ten fold, and then some. But where are the best spots in the city to enjoy a cup you ask… Well, one of them is situated in the heart of Brunswick – Code Black Coffee. 

Code Black Coffee's roasting headquarters and its café lay right next to each other in a converted warehouse. On the right, you can find the guys hard at work crafting and roasting. On the left, you can enjoy the delicious coffee they have just created. In its simplicity, Code Black Coffee's process is: source top quality green beans from international farms and growers (from the likes of Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Panama), roast them in-house, put them into bags, and sell the beans for retail at their counter or wholesale. Code Black goes above and beyond with its unique and personal take on wholesale supply. The guys allow buyers to come into the roastery to create their own customised blends - perfect for that personalised touch every café desires!

There is actually a lot more to the roasting process than this though, and I was lucky enough to have Allan show me around the roasting workshop/laboratory. Sample roasts of different beans from farms all over the world are regularly tested to see how the various coffees will work with different profiles. The next day cupping sessions are held to decide on a profile that creates the best taste. A roast profile is then established for the espresso roast on the 1kg roaster and then the same is carried out for the production roast on the 12kg/25kg roaster. Different beans from across the globe have varying characteristics so each develop in their own particular way once inside the drum, making it crucial for the roaster to know exactly what he is trying to create from the very beginning. The fact that every coffee is unique means that routine sampling and cupping sessions are imperative to the overall process. 

For Code Black's café, entry is through a huge sliding door that leads to an open warehouse with sharing and small tables circling the counter in the middle. Code Black has made sure that the venue retains a raw industrial feel inside with OSB boards, black steel and concrete throughout the space. Nearer the back of the café, seating allows for a full view of the roasters working on their coffee craftsmanship.

Besides rich and delicious espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and anything else you want on ice, Code Black also serves up a variety of food options - little and big, savoury and sweet - to satisfy all. Coffee infused fried egg anyone?!

Get to Brunswick and fuel that caffeine addiction, pronto!

15-17 Weston Street, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC, 3056