Serotonin Eatery

Positive Pancakes + Swings = Happiness (at the Serotonin Eatery)

At Serotonin, there is one goal and one goal only - to make you happy! Tucked away in the eastern suburb of Burnley, this place is like no other I've been to before. Serotonin is a happiness hub for the community that is pioneering the way that people (just like you and I) will learn to live. And the idea is so simple - live positively! 

Emily Arundel, the founder of Serotonin Dealer, wanted a space where people were happy and motivated daily. Therefore, the Happiness Educational Institution was created with three specific focuses in mind: eatery, exercise and education. The Exercise centre is run by Gus Arundel who provides a personal training service to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals, and therefore increase their happiness. The Education centre (beginning in January 2016) will be running a 12 month program teaching the Serotonin Formula, designed with the cooperation of doctors, dietitians, food scientists and physiologists. The program's goal is to teach others how different parts of the body can affect one's mood and how simple actions can be taken to boost happiness in everyday life. The third focus is the Eatery whereby chef Sean Muir has created a plant-based menu offering foods which maintain neurotransmitters within the body to keep you feeling happy, mentally and physically. It's hard to say no to any of these!

The Eatery's interior is spacious and contemporary - perfect for a relaxed brunch away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Inside, the white walls come to life with splashes of green from plants and cacti scattered around the café. One of the best things about the Serotonin Eatery is the fact that you can enjoy your delicious (and healthy) food whilst sitting on a swing. Yep, you read it right! Remember those things that you used to run to first when getting to the park and fly through the air whilst closing your eyes. Well, this place has them in the window seats of the café and in the back garden. Just sitting on the swing alone, you are filled with happiness as it takes you back to the time when you were young and nothing else mattered except going higher than your sister. I would have been content with just sitting on the swing and gazing through the window but I'm older now, so I brunch too. At the eatery, every choice is a healthy choice! Don't jump to the conclusion that that means nothing is tasty, as it is quite the opposite. Everything tastes delicious AND you feel great knowing that it's good for you too!

A Cacao Coconut Latte delivered in a Japanese-style 'hug mug' is a good starting point at the Eatery. Crafted with house-made hot chocolate from organic raw cacao and grated cacao butter spun on organic milk, this rich and velvety hot drink kicks off your day right. If you're into green tea, the Matcha Latte is the one to go for. And if you're after something cold, there is also a wide array of fresh juices and smoothies to choose from. The first food item on the menu had me at 'positive pancakes'. Organic banana flour pancakes are served with layers of mixed berry coulis with fresh blueberries and strawberries, a side of refreshingly mushy house-made banana ice-cream, whilst atop of the pancakes sits creamy serotonin hung yoghurt balls covered in roasted almonds made complete by a drizzling of organic agave syrup. The pancakes were light and fluffy packed full of flavour from the various sweet toppings and I didn't feel like I'd overeaten by the end of it (if anything, I wanted more)! Some of the other must-try items on the menu include 'Deconstructed Sushi', 'Brainiac Salad', and 'Nutrition Bomb'.

It's always happy hour at Serotonin, so go and get your fix!

52 Madden Grove, Burnley, Melbourne, VIC, 3121