Lucy Lockett

A friend showed me this little treasure of a cafe when I first arrived in Melbourne, and it has quickly become my go-to for coffee and food in Brunswick. Just far away enough from the bustling activities of Lygon Street, invitingly tucked away on a quiet stretch of Barkly Street, lies Lucy Lockett. For the longest time, my friend had no idea what it was called for lack of signage. ‘Lucy Lockett’ - the clandestine name for the café can be found on the food/drink menu followed by the popular nursery rhyme - 'Lucy Lockett lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it; not a penny was there in it, only ribbon round it'. There's actually a cute reason behind the name too - the owner has a tendency, like Lucy Lockett, to always be losing his keys. Upon finding out this, I fell in love with the place even more. My little sister is named Lucy and when we were young my parents always called her 'Lucy Lockett' so this place makes me feel slightly at home even though I'm ten thousand five hundred miles away. 

Open everyday from 8am until 3pm, Lucy Lockett entices people in with its simple and minimalist design. And unlike most cafes in Melbourne, Lucy Lockett has the rarity that is a front patio - complete with wooden tables, yellow stools and umbrellas. Perfect for those sunny days when you just want to daydream and watch passers-by. The spacious interior boasts a relaxed atmosphere with a clean white finish, big wooden tables, and white stools aplenty. Vintage filament lightbulbs hang from the ceiling whilst the walls enjoy a splatter of green from plants growing out of wooden boxes.

Food here is incredible! I know, I know, Melbourne is full of amazing food left, right and centre but this cafe is on point! The acai berry smoothie bowl was probably the closest (healthy) thing to heaven I’ve ever eaten, and will be eating again and again and again… Atop of the ridiculously huge portion of delicious acai berry smoothie lies granola (packed with dried cranberries and almond flakes) with fresh strawberries and blueberries. This was actually my first time trying acai (have I been living under a rock you ask) and I will most definitely be adding it to my weekly grocery list. Those with a sweet tooth should grab the hearty gingerbread pancakes. Piled up four stacks high with strawberries, blueberries, rich maple butter, chunks of crunchy honeycomb and drizzled with maple syrup, I’m surprised this architecture of food didn’t topple over en route to delivery. For something more savoury, the chilli corn fritters are the way to go. Packed with a punch, these crispy deep-fried balls of flavour are accompanied by creamy avocado and huge dollops of sour cream and a spicy roast capsicum (red pepper to all the English folk) and tomato salsa.

Lucy Lockett uses Bailey coffee beans and always delivers a smooth and creamy cappuccino. For those super hot days, try the iced chai latte (which you get to strain yourself) or enjoy one of the fresh juices cold pressed in-house daily.

I'll be spending a lot of my time here whilst in Melbourne!

140 Barkly Street, Melbourne, Brunswick, VIC, 3056