Bump N Grind Café

I don't see nothin' wrong with a little Bump N Grind…

Back in 2006, Cheryl & Kyle Wright founded Bump N Grind's first café on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Their second venture is located on Granville and 14th in the friendly, vibrant neighbourhood of South Granville. An independent, multi-roaster coffee shop, Bump N Grind have carefully chosen the best artisan coffee roasters from across Canada to share with other coffee lovers. Some of which include: Fernwood (Victoria), Transcend (Edmonton) and Phil & Sebastian (Calgary).

We were a little pushed for time, but man were we glad we stopped by. The cappuccino here was the smoothest, silkiest I've ever had, balanced with the perfect caffeine hit to leave me feeling pleasantly buzzed for the day's adventures. There are also specially handcrafted espresso drinks such as the Duetto (an espresso machiato with maple whiskey), Spiked Chai with Bourbon, and Almond Chocolate Gibraltar on offer.

Bump N Grind isn't just about the coffee, it also boasts an array of delicious baked goods including croissants, muffins, and cookies. Don't forget to try the Earl Grey Shortbread, the Matcha Green Tea Brownie and the famous Mookie (cookie & muffin)!

The interior of Bump N Grind is modern yet simplistic. The high ceilings are lined with criss-crossing wooden beams. Be enchanted by the lights that mesmerise you when you look into the mirror whilst waiting for your brew. The custom-made shelving which spells out 'Bump N Grind' is a homely touch to this great coffee shop. This homeliness is mirrored in the vibe here: chilled out and relaxed - the perfect place to get some work done or chill with friends.

For more information about this great little coffee shop, check out their website here.