Little Big Sugar Salt

Tasty food and yummy coffee served with a side of irony at Little Big Sugar Salt!

Situated along the hustle and bustle of Victoria Street in Abbotsford, Little Big Sugar Salt (LBBS) offers a quiet place to relax, eat some food and drink some coffee. As you enter, you'll see someone busy at work making all the goods in the open kitchen. Follow the timbered hallway to a choice of two rooms: one with a large sharing high top table, the other with smaller more intimate tables and a charming little fireplace. A nice touch from LBSS is delivering their menu in their very own broadsheet newspaper titled 'The General Vibe'. Changed with the seasons, The General Vibe offers humorous and satirical articles, classifications, sponsors, and even horoscopes (check the last photo) for you to peruse while you wait for your food. From the moment it is delivered, you'll probably ignore who ever you're brunching with for a good ten minutes. 

Once you eventually make your way to the menu, the Governor R. Swanson is a great choice for those wanting something filling with a bit of naughtiness. Referred to as 'large and in charge', LBSS's interpretation of the classic Croque Madame is not something to miss out on. Layers of sourdough are stuffed with copious helpings of mouth-watering slow braised pork hock and ham while swiss cheese and leek béchamel ooze from the sides with a gooey fried egg atop of the masterpiece. If you're putting those New Year's resolutions into practice, then the Bowl of Health may be the way to go. Smashed avocado, zoodles (zucchini noodles), spinach, shredded brussels, beetroot, enokitake, and a poached egg (all of the health) are mixed together with a creamy harissa butter bean puree, Would definitely recommend adding bacon to the bowl, because there is such a thing as being too healthy, right?! 

Coffee is also on point. Sourced from local roasters at Wide Open Road in Brunswick, LBSS are sure to serve a rich, smooth and creamy cappuccino every time. 

Go and get your humour on at Little Big Sugar Salt!

385 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC, 3067