Small Victories

With nearly everything made in-house, a creative menu, all-day brunch and a front seating area to watch the world go by, Small Victories will keep you coming back for more, again and again!

After cycling past Small Victories numerous times and always seeing a front garden packed with happy faces, it was time to give this café a whirl. Nestled along a sleepy Rathdowne Street, Small Victories is still able to entice the masses by an interesting brunch menu, local coffee and even some alcohol. The team behind Small Victories know food well and this is highlighted by the fact that they make nearly everything in-house - whether it is creating yoghurt, churning butter or curing locally sourced ethical produce. These guys know what they’re doing! Their passion for food is shown in the creative and seasonal dishes you have to choose from.

The Middle-Eastern inspired poached eggs are my personal favourite. A healthy helping of creamy baba ganoush is spread upon toasted sourdough with a sprinkling of crisp kale, fried onions, walnuts, mint, and pomegranate. The savoury to sweet ratio is faultless here. Fritters are also on top form with two to select from: corn and ricotta. The corn fritters come with 12 hour smoked pork shoulder, green tomato chutney and a fried egg, while the ricotta fritters are served with roast pumpkin, 18 month aged prosciutto, walnut puree and a poached egg.

The coffee used comes from local roasters, Wide Open Road – you’re probably starting to see a pattern here, don’t worry an article on the coffee roasting connoisseurs is coming soon.

This is no small victory here; Small Victories have got it made!

617 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, Melbourne, VIC, 3054