Helados Jauja

Mojito flavoured ice cream anyone?! Helados Jauja creates speciality ice cream in its purest form with 24 flavours to choose from every day! 

When it's 40°C in Melbourne, we eat ice cream! And there's no better place to venture to than Little Italy (also known as Lygon Street) to get your fix of the cold, creamy stuff. This is exactly what I did on a hot summer's day only to unexpectedly find myself at a quaint little South American ice cream store called Helados Jauja - a hidden gem amongst all the Italian Gelaterias in the area. 

Inspired whilst travelling through Argentina, founder Lim Po-Lin learnt about the art of artisan gelato at Carpigiani's Gelato University and at the hands of ice cream connoisseur, Lucia Adler. When Lim returned, she channeled her passion into creating authentic and natural ice cream for the people of Melbourne, hence Helados Jauja was born. The name 'Helados Jauja' roughly translates as 'frozen indulgence' and indulge you must! 

Jauja offers 24 flavours daily including everyday classics such as raspberry, mango and mint, whilst on the other end of the spectrum there is an abundance of creative and experimental flavours including the likes of goats cheese raspberry, brown bread & red wine honey marble, and rosewater pistachio. Too hot to even drink an alcoholic beverage?! Don't worry, just head to Jauja and you can get that mojito or craft beer (it was Little Creatures Pale Ale at the time I went) in a refreshing sorbet form! A few favourites of mine are the white chocolate raspberry, caramelised pear and crumble, coconut rockmelon and salted caramel! Ask the staff for pairings if you're not sure what to go for. 

A nice little touch is the scoop being sculpted into mountain peaks to represent the ice cream's Patagonian roots. 

The guys at Jauja have gone one step further than the rest with their informative and fun Ice Cream Masterclasses where the team share their expertise and passion for all things ice cream. Whether you want to experience the huge variety of flavours, make real ice cream from scratch or create your own flavour, there is a class for you!

Don't be a melt, get down to Carlton and grab an ice cream from Jauja this summer! 


254 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne, VIC, 3053