Beautiful, bold sharing plates at Oklava.

An oklava is a traditional Turkish rolling pin used for breads and pastries and fittingly, this place has Turkish authenticity and flavour in abundance. Gorgeous plates of food are designed for sharing, so this is a great spot to come to with a few friends. You’ll find restaurant Oklava tucked away on a street corner between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street tube stations. Sleek but subtle in design, you can enjoy watching the chefs work their magic in front of the tables.  

Unless you’re a real foodie you might find yourself googling one or two of the items on the menu, but everything at Oklava is so delicious, it’s worth jumping straight in. Tear and share a Lahmacun, a traditional Turkish flatbread, topped with minced lamb. Almost like a pizza, this comes with a portion of salad: mint, cucumber, lemon, pickled cabbage, tomato and green olives. Decorate the Lahmacun with the salad, roll it up and enjoy. The Baharat spiced pork belly is another favourite at Oklava. Served with pickled apricots, garlicky cabbage and slices of leek, this mixture of textures and flavours is mind-blowingly good.  

Our final favourite is the chilli roast cauliflower which is topped with thin slices of red onion, finely crumbled pistachio and a handful of parsley. The red cauliflower makes for a beautiful looking plate of food and the complementary flavours make this incredibly moreish.

The service is Oklava is great and the staff are more than happy to talk you through the menu. They recommend two sharing plates per person and a few snacks if you’re super peckish. 


74 Luke Street London EC2A 4PY