SOS Café

Save your soul (and hunger) with a hipster jar salad or tiramisu pancakes from SOS Café.

After a lot of northside love, we finally ventured south of the river to see how they serve brunch in Melbourne's southside. The first port of call had to be Save Our Souls Café in South Yarra after we heard about their glorious tiramisu pancakes. The café is situated along a busy Toorak road yet is nicely set back in a piazza-style venue complete with a water fountain. Inside is pretty small but the exterior boasts a mass of marble tables and brass seating sheltered by a glass roof, making it an ideal spot to eat some eggs or drink some coffee come rain or shine. 

SOS's focus on organic, local and healthy food is seen throughout the menu. The 'Tiramisu Pancakes' should be indulged by everyone - because sometimes just liquid caffeine is not enough! Fluffy pancakes are layered with bananas and cashew cream with a sprinkling of cacao nibs and espresso ice cream. Don't forget to drizzle the whole plate in some maple syrup ristretto too. The 'Hipster Jar' provides a salad for all of your hipster foodie needs - quinoa, sweet potato, avocado, falafel and of course, kale crisps. Don't worry, SOS haven't forgotten to include the classic 'avo' option. Black sesame and pumpkin seed garnished avocado is served with creamy goats cheese on local Cobb Lane sourdough.

There's a variety of tasty brews to choose from. Super food smoothies such as 'That's My Jam, 'Muscle Magic', or 'SOS I Need Greens' are available for the health kick that you may still be sticking to since the new year. Green Street Juice Co. supply some of their cold-pressed, organic juices, which are sure to give you all of the fruit and veg you need for the day. And of course, coffee is available any which way you want with beans from Sensory Lab roasters.

5/177 South Yarra Road, Toorak, Melbourne, VIC, 3141