Scroll Ice Cream

Ice cream rolled up and put in a little cup.

Inspired by Thai street vendors, Scroll Ice Cream brings to Melbourne a new way to eat a much-loved dessert. How does it work? Local ingredients (predominantly milk and cream) are placed on a -20°C cold plate, crushed up, flattened and spread out to make an even layer. The cream quickly freezes into ice cream, and before you know it your dessert is being spiralled into five cute scrolls, placed into a little cup and sprinkled with delicious extras.

Scroll’s interior is playful with bright and colourful artwork, wooden pallet furniture, faux grass and a white picket fence. One wall is plastered with customer comments on sticky post-it notes - have a read, people are funny.

Ice cream flavours are fun with a number to choose from, some of which include: Pavlover which comes with strawberries, passion fruit coulis and a dusting of meringue, Coco Lovin' made with coconut cream, lychee, blackberries, and blueberries, Say Cheese - a baked New York cheesecake flavour with strawberries and biscuit dust, or Nutter Butter consisting of a Tim Tam, crushed nuts, brownie, wafers and chocolate.

And best of all, this stuff is preservative free so indulge you must.

190 High Street, Windsor, Melbourne, 3181