Mile End Bagels

Wood-fired bagels and cream cheese schmear for days.

On the outskirts of Fitzroy, a graffitied warehouse has been transformed into a bagel-making bakery-come-café. This is no ordinary bakery as it includes a custom-built wood-fired bagel oven, specially crafted by a Canadian stonemason.

From the outside, you wouldn't even know Mile End Bagels existed (I should know I walked past it three times). The outside walls are constantly being plastered with posters of upcoming events or specials that the bakery may have. Inside, the space is small as the majority of the venue is being used to make and bake those delicious bagels in an open kitchen - you can see the whole bagel process from start to finish. White walls, exposed bricks and bags of flour encircle a large communal table on the left, whilst takeaway Seven Seeds coffee is available on the right. The minimalist yet gritty vibe perfectly suits Fitzroy, and has a certain similarity to the hip Mile End suburb in Montreal, Canada (where the name of the bakery derives from).

The bagels are Montreal-style, which means that they are slightly sweeter and slightly denser than their New York counterpart. You have the choice of plain, sesame seed, poppy seed, a combination of everything or cinnamon-raisin. The cream cheese selection is also aplenty - plain, spring onion, dill and caper, tobiko, or honey ricotta,. Keep it simple with just a cream cheese schmear or try one of the sandwiches: smoked salmon with lettuce and tobiko cream cheese, smoked beef with kraut and spring onion cream cheese, maple bacon and cream cheese, to name a few. The menu updates regularly so you can try something different every time you visit. Bagels can be also be bought by the dozen and taken home in old school brown paper bags.

Check the guy's Instagram for specials and nonstop bagel love.

14 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065