Tempelhof Airport

Abandoned airports make the best parks.

The biggest park in Berlin is Tempelhof, which until recently was a fully functioning airport terminal. The park is split in two by a long, concrete runway and a huge Nazi-built terminal looms at the end of it. With BBQ areas, ice cream and coffee stands and the dwarfed Berlin skyline in full view, Tempelhof Park is a unique green space that’s definitely worthy of a visit.

A lot of the original, yellow airport signs are still in place and there are chalk drawings on some areas of the runway. In a far corner of the park, there’s an old plane covered in weeds and used as a perch for various birds. Without flower beds or park benches, Tempelhof sits perfectly with the aesthetic of the rest of the city, in an eerie, sci-fi esque way.

Almost three times the size of London’s Hyde Park, we recommend renting bikes or taking a longboard so you can see as much as possible. There’s talk of landscaping the space ready to host the International Garden Show next year, so head there whilst you still can!


Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof, Bayernring, 12101, Berlin