Stone & Wood Brewery Tour

Brewery tour of Australia's most refreshing craft beer.

Stone & Wood Brewing Company produce some of the most refreshing beer we've ever tasted, and we say that with no hesitation. Brad, Jamie and Ross, the guys behind this great beer, grew tired of the corporate beer world and decided to take brewing back to basics. Using water from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, their aim was to create a refreshing beer that was your go-to when relaxing after a day of surfing, watching a gig or hanging out with friends.

So, in 2008, Stone & Wood was born. The heart of Stone & Wood lies in its original brewery in Byron Bay. Building the site here was a conscious decision by the founders. The Stone & Wood boys envisioned a business that would support the people who support them and in a small community like Byron Bay, that's what it's all about. 'Ingrained' became their official community-focused initiative providing support to local charities who are involved in sustaining the local area, both socially and environmentally.

The Stone & Wood Brewery Tour runs for about an hour and gives an interesting insight into the history, philosophy and brewing process of this delicious beer. For just $12, you receive a beer on arrival, a tour of where the magic happens, and a tasting paddle of all five beers (Pacific Ale, Green Coast Lager, Garden Ale, Jasper Ale, and Cloud Catcher) to finish. This brewery is also where a lot of experimental and seasonal brews are made, so be sure to check if any are on tap when you go.

In the words of Stone & Wood, 'take things slowly and keep it simple'.

4 Boronia Place, Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481