Honeycomb Hideout

Pizza and tinnies on pallets and milk crates.

Tucked away in a back alley in the western suburb Footscray is Honeycomb Hideout. As its name suggests, the space is intimate and cosy with a menu to match. Serving six pizzas and nine craft beers, Honeycomb keeps it simple – and really, what more do you need?!

The courtyard bar came about due to a vacant parking space behind the owners other venture, Fox in the Corn (which has a strong focus on pasta and boutique beer). Before long, corrugated walls went up and the empty lot was filled with wooden pallet seating, milk crate tables, lanterns and graffiti. The hideout was complete.

Pizzas have that smoky wood-fired taste with an array of toppings (salumi, braised beef, salmon, pumpkin), and can be made to eat in or takeaway. Make sure you try the pumpkin one as homemade garlic oil is brushed on the crust and hits your senses before a slice even goes into your mouth. For those who like to end on a sweet note, grab a Gundowring dixie ice cream cup. 

The craft beers have been selected from Fox in the Corn’s extensive 13-page beer menu; some of which include Brewdog Punk IPA, Mornington Peninsula Pale Ale and Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Panhead American Pale Ale, Napolene Cloudy Cider and Rodenbach Original.

Call it cliché, but this truly is a hidden gem.

Honeycomb Hideout is open Friday (5pm-11pm), Saturday and Sunday (12pm-11pm).


4 Droop Street, Footscray, Victoria, 3011