Lighthouse Park

Easy hiking trails with beaches, coves and ocean views in West Vancouver.

Just a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver lies a Pacific Northwest Rainforest oasis - Lighthouse Park. The 185 acres of forested land boasts some of the city's last remaining first growth Douglas Firs as well as a variety of excellent hiking trails that are easily accessible for all to enjoy. 

Lighthouse Park's coastal temperate rainforest is home to some of the tallest trees in the world. First growth Douglas Firs, Hemlocks and Redcedars are around 500 years old and stand over 200ft tall. That's a lot of age and a lot of height. Stand anywhere in the forest and these trees will tower above you whilst you're surrounded on ground level by wet moss, fern trees and other vibrant greens. Amidst all of this rainforest lies the Point Atkinson Lighthouse. Originally built in 1874 and then renovated in 1912, the lighthouse highlights where Burrard Inlet (coastal fjord) meets Howe Sound (a network of fjords). It's these kinds of fjords that make the Vancouver landscape an incredible sight to see.

Within Lighthouse Park, there are a multitude of trails through the forest but for more coastal scenes of cliffs, coves and beaches, we suggest following Juniper Loop, Shore Pine Trail, Valley Trail and Arbutus Trail. Along these trails, you'll find various viewpoints including Juniper Point, Shore Pine Point, Eagle Point, Starboat Cove, West Beach and, of course, the Lighthouse Viewpoint. At Juniper Point, you'll often see rock climbers abseiling over the edge, scaling the walls and popping their heads up as they reach the top of their ascent.

Have a look at the trail map here and get exploring.

Beacon Lane, West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7W 1K5