Little Wild

Grab your coffee and go (adventure more), thanks to Little Wild.

Whether you want some caffeine to get your day going, a break from all of the shopping or you can never get enough of the good stuff - Little Wild is here. Nestled along Banff Ave and open 6:30am - 6:30pm everyday, Little Wild is the number one stop for your grab-and-go coffee.

If the chalkboard sign with a million different ways to say coffee doesn't intrigue you inside then the minimalist design of the venue will. The interior boasts white walls, an array of green plants and splashes of copper in the form of a clock, baskets and hanging light fixtures. Little Wild is serious when it says 'grab-and-go' as there is no seating in the space except for a bench to perch on while you wait. While you wait, have a flick through the Canadian Rockies Annual for some mountain culture content packed with beautiful visuals, unique stories and a clean design. And if you really need to sit down, there are five wooden stools out the front - prime position to soak up some of that summer sun.

Coffee is made using Calgary-based Fratello beans which give your flat white, cappuccino or iced latte a balanced body full of chocolate and caramel flavours. A tasty cuppa tea is brewed using Little Wild's own fruity blend (in collaboration with the Banff Tea Company). And despite the to-go nature of Little Wild looking after the environment is still very important to these guys, which is why all cups and bags are fully compostable.

If you didn't know already - Little Wild is sister to the well-known and well-loved Wildflour Bakery. Head over to the bakery for fresh mountain bread, delicious pastries and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. See the colourful illustrated map on the back wall of Little Wild for directions on how to get there.

Grab your coffee and go (adventure more), thanks to Little Wild.

119 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada