Greenwich Park

Views, wildlife and a little peace and quiet at London's Greenwich Park.

Being in one of the world’s busiest cities means peace, quiet and green space can seem hard to come by. Thankfully, among London’s tall buildings and jam packed roads, there are eight Royal parks to be enjoyed. Sitting below the curve of the river, Greenwich Park clocks in at 180 acres making it the largest green space in South East London.

On a hilltop, it’s definitely worth trekking to the top of the park and looking back only when you get there. The views stretch from the City of London over to the Isle of Dogs and on a clear day it’s easy to pick out smaller details across the skyline. As well as a great place to see the city, Greenwich Park is also home to the National Maritime Museum and the Greenwich meridian line, which sets the time across the world.

There’s more history to this park too, a former hunting ground for Henry VIII, the park is still home to a herd of deer. Then more recently, for the London 2012 Olympics, Greenwich Park became the venue for the equestrian events and riding and running for the modern pentathlon. There are boating lakes and tennis courts at the park, meaning there are several different ways to spend your time here.

If you’re fancying a quiet afternoon, wander through the park with an ice cream and enjoy the sweeping views of the city.

Greenwich Park, London, SE10 9NF