Have a rooftop bar to yourself, go to Goldilocks.

Hidden above a bustling Chinese restaurant (Noodle Kingdom) lies a rooftop bar that apparently nobody has heard of. Jump in the elevator, head up to the fourth floor, walk through the exquisitely decorated yet outdated interior bar, climb up the stairs on the left and you'll find yourself with your own private rooftop bar. Well, we did.

With wine, cocktails and craft beer aplenty, you can while away a fair few hours at Goldilocks. Grab a seat around one of the barrel tables or sit on the edge (quite literally) to take it all in. Try the Lebowski and sip on a delicious blend of butter vodka, kahlua, black walnut bitters and almond milk. Get some Dutch Courage in you with a gin, lemon, lavender, and white cacao number. Or indulge in a classic Espresso Martini. Feral, Murray's and Mornington are the main craft beers on offer. And as those those cold winter months start to set in, so too does Goldilocks hot mulled cider (in collaboration with Custard & Co.). For extra warmth, add spiced rum or red wine to this beautiful concoction.

Among sleek skyscrapers and funky architecture, this is a great little rooftop spot to take in the bustling city of Melbourne while feeling like a million miles away from it all. At sunset is the best time to go. As the sun lowers, it’s last few rays flicker in and out of view as they weave their way around dark office buildings. And as day turns into night, see the city become even more alive.

Watch Melbourne life go by from up high at Goldilocks rooftop bar.

Level 4, 264 Swanston St, Melbourne, 3000