Borough Market

Borough Market is a utopia of all things foodie. 

Built in what was previously a railway station, Borough Market has apparently been around in various forms since 1014 - and is therefore a staggering millennium old. Whilst absolutely steeped in history, Borough Market delightfully makes the old new again - the abundance of chalkboard signs, rustic wooden stalls, huge cast-iron pans and exposed brick gel perfectly with the edible offerings, and amidst some seriously good food are anything but pretentious.

The stalls are awash with artisanal wares: from the millions of varieties of cheese (some newly invented like the parmesan-stilton hybrid we sampled the day of its creation, some 'drunken', and some infused with pretty much anything you can imagine) to goat's milk gelato, we'd say Borough has it's dairy covered. Grab yourself a cheese and olive stick from Bread Ahead, these polenta-filled bad boys are not to be missed. It is also a carnivore's paradise, with cured cold cuts galore - chorizos, salamis, saucissons lying alongside legs of parma ham and venison sausages. Don't miss out on the incredible Borough Olives either, with wooden barrels filled with every different shape and size - black, green, sicilian, kalamata, and stuffed with pimento, feta, herbs, garlic, chilli. Similarly, antipasti and oils (olive- and the amazing truffle-) are in anything but short supply.

After you have picked at as many samples as you can handle (both that your ever-increasing appetite, and the amused yet exasperated smiles of the vendors, will permit), grab yourself some proper grub.  At the far end of the market, through the fruit and veg section, a row of stalls awaits you. Literally whatever you find yourself in the mood for, you will find in this little eclectic ensemble of guerrilla grillers. Highlights are the Boston Sausage Co., where we had a delish blue cheese and sweet chilli jam dog, gooey scotch eggs from Scotchtails and the succulent hog roast with crispy crackling and homemade apple sauce that we would have quite happily eaten with a spoon. 

There is a veggie stall that always smells phenomenal, alongside Thai, Chinese, and Spanish paella. Once you're stuffed, make sure you stop by the many baked offerings and pick up a Borough brownie, some baklava, or butter fudge from Whirl'd. And if possible some passion fruit curd from the jam man - aka heaven in a jar.

8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL